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ASTRA Proc., 1, 1–5, 2014
ASTRA Proc., 1, 1–5, 2014

  20 May 2014

20 May 2014

Faraday rotation effects for diagnosing magnetism in bubble environments

R. Ignace R. Ignace
  • Department of Physics & Astronomy, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, USA

Abstract. Faraday rotation is a process by which the position angle (PA) of background linearly polarized light is rotated when passing through an ionized and magnetized medium. The effect is sensitive to the line-of-sight magnetic field in conjunction with the electron density. This contribution highlights diagnostic possibilities of inferring the magnetic field (or absence thereof) in and around wind-blown bubbles from the Faraday effect. Three cases are described as illustrations: a stellar toroidal magnetic field, a shocked interstellar magnetic field, and an interstellar magnetic field within an ionized bubble.

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