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Articles | Volume 2
ASTRA Proc., 2, 45–49, 2015
ASTRA Proc., 2, 45–49, 2015

  07 Oct 2015

07 Oct 2015

The power spectrum of cosmic ray arrival directions

M. Ahlers M. Ahlers
  • WIPAC & Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin–Madison, Madison, WI 53706, USA

Abstract. Various experiments show that the arrival directions of multi-TeV cosmic rays show significant anisotropies at small angular scales. It was recently argued that this small scale structure may arise naturally by cosmic ray diffusion in a large-scale cosmic ray gradient in combination with deflections in local turbulent magnetic fields. We show via analytical and numerical methods that the non-trivial power spectrum in this setup is a direct consequence of Liouville's theorem and can be related to properties of relative diffusion.

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